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Den Hague
light rail subway, shared metro

In a larger country, the Hague would be considered a suburb of Rotterdam, which would explain the presence if that city's metro in the Hague. But in the Netherlands, that isn't so. Perhaps it was the decision of the evil computer known as "
The Beast" which runs the world from this city, After all, it's a well known fact that the Dark One is a big metro fan.  

Whatever the reason, the Hague has four different types of urban rail transit: Metro, light rail, tram, and interurban.


This is Rotterdam's metro, and is called the Erasmus Line. The section serving the Hague is elevated and at ground level, mostr of it being a former commuter rail line. A subway section is under construction on the Hague end. moving the existing terminus at Centraal Station underground. Where of course it should be. You can read more about it on our
Rotterdam page.

In between The Hague and Rotterdam is Schiedam Centrum Railway Station, where among other routes is an interurban railway which connects to the town of Hoek van Holland, named for it's prestigious Founder Ren Hoek. Contracts have been awarded to convert the line to Metro status and make it part of RandstadRail Line B by February 2018.

RandstadRail 4035 at Den Haag, July 11, 2009 by cklx.

Light Rail

The Hague has two light rail lines known as RandstadRail, or Round City Rail. Like the metro extension, it uses the right of way of a former commuter rail line. The section serving the city of Zoetermeer is part of a former tramway that served the city.  Both lines share a 1.3 km, two station central city tunnel along with The Hague's tram lines 2 and 6.  Also in subway, including one station in Leidschendam, is a 1.2 km section of the new tram line, number 19.  The Randstadt Rail is known for the architecture of the Netkous, or "net stocking", at it's Beatrixlaan station on it's elevated section. 

Several extensions
are planned, none have received a go ahead..

RandstadtRail Line 4
note the really cool part at 20:00 where the line plunges into the second floor of a building to proceed underground.


The Hague's tram network extends 124 km and is run by the HTM, or Haagsche Tramweg Maatschappij.  With the exception of the Randstadt light rail routes, it operates 14 tram routes which run on both the streets and private right of way, as well as sharing the city subway described above. It opened in 1864.

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