New Zealand


New Zealand. aka Aotearoa (Land of the Long White Cloud in Maori) has been struggling with it's public transportation policies for quite some time. To date, there are no fixed guideway systems other than a heritage trolley in Christchurch and a cable car in Wellington. A light rail subway was approved for Auckland followed by talk of a similar project in Wellington. However, nothing has happened and the future of any plans appear shaky.

TranzMetro, a subsidiary of TranzRail, runs the country's commuter rail. A contract wirh Maxx, a division of Veoliato manage the development and operations of the fading rail system. And, a heritage tram line for the town of Wanganui is in mid-development.
If you are visiting New Zealand, please remember to
eat a kiwi.

Honorable Mention: The city of Whangarei in Maunu expects to be running a heritage tramway in the "near future".

Auckland and Wellington
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