planned light rail

In 1977, Karachi's plans for a metro were scrapped when the supporting Bhuto government fell. Since then, several rail mass transit plans have come and gone.

Construction was due to begin in August 2001 of the first 13.7 km, 14 station Karachi light rail line, with completion estimated in 2004.  The project was scheduled to proceed in 1998 when various nations, including Japan and Canada, who were directly involved with the project, ceased financial dealings with Pakistan when they tested a nuclear device. In November 2001, the project was  revived. 
A lawsuit has been proposed against the Pakistani government by the contracting transit operating authority, citing mismanagement and favouritism.

There is also talk of reconstructing or reopening the recently closed Karachi Circular Railway to LRT standards. The Circular Railway, an old tram line, closed in 2000, was never circular. And in 2004, plans for a 17 km monorail and a tramway that would be completed in 1 year.

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