The Warsaw Metro


Type Full Metro
Stations 28
Lines 2
Length In Subway 29 km
Length Topside 0
Total Length 29 km
Year Built 1995
Address Metro Warzawskie
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ZTM Warszawa
S-Bahn-like airport line under consideration
Map of the current system (Line I)
Map of the proposed system (Lines I, II, and III)

Photos thanks to Metro Warzwskie




The first 6 km segment of  Warsaw's second subway line broke ground in September 2013. The original estimated completion date was 2013. The opening finally took place in March 2015. 

Extensions are still on the drawing board and being argued over. In Polish by a slew of old women with scarves on their heads and pipes in their mouths.

Image of Alsthom's Warsaw Metro

 Warsaw LRT 

Old and new WKB rolling stock

The WKD, or Warszawska Kolej Dojazdowa, means Warsaw local railway. The authority is a division of the PKP, or Polish National Railways. This line is a 35 km light rail line that has a small section in subway. The only "subway station" is actually an open cut station, as can be seen on Robert Schwandl's excellent metro site.

WKD Home Page
Tramway photos from the inimitable Hamster