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Lisbon's metro opened in 1959. The four line system stretches 42 km. Just three of the 55 stations are above ground. Extensions to the red and blue lines are currently under construction.

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Oeiras Mini Metro  (SATUO)

This is a small automated cable liner. Sometimes referred to locally as the monorail, it is neither a monorail nor a metro.

Light Rail

Metro Sul do Tejo

The Metro Sul do Tejo is an above ground light rail system with three lines, all of which combine into a "Y" shaped system of one trunk line with two branches.  It opened in 2007 and serves the Almadas area of.

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Metro-like services in Lisbon include the 17 station Cascais commuter line, which uses mtro-like rolling stock and plys the surface for 26 km between Lisbon and the coastal resort citioes of Cascais and Estoril.

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Lisbon ML7 Rolling Stock ML79 Rolling Stock ML 90 Rolling Stock   ML 95 Rolling Stock

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Light Metro

A 24.7 km surface running "light metro"  - Metro Ligiero de Superficie - is in the planning stages and is expected to serve the city in a ring-like configuration.

A 27.5 km, 4 line light rail system
is in the works for Lisbon. Construction on the Metro do Sul do Tejo (The South of the Tagus Metro) began in late 2002.

tram line 15 is Lisbon's only LRT. Lisbon's 5 tram lines are operated by Carris.

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Metro photo courtesy
Magnus Stomfelt

The following photos, taken in 2002, are courtesy of Javier Martínez Cuevas