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1/14/2002: Because of personal obligations, I've been unable to to update this part of the site. I am, however, slowly but surely revamping the countries pages for easier navigation. As an example, see the Great Britain page.

July 2001

Our new Memphis page - short and sweet
Juhana Nordlund's Helsinki Subway pages

June 2001

  • Drive the upcoming Copenhagen metro with this cute flash game.
  • Fact or fiction? You decide: The New Athos mini-metro. (Are they making "athos" out of us? Dayton's sister subway system)
  • North American Vintage Trolley Systems
  • Mark Jansen's
  • Downtown Trolley Inc: Bring Back the Trolley to Madison, Wisconsin

  • May 2001

  • Proposed monorail project in Hull and Where the Hull is Hull, anyway?
  • DART buys 70 miles of rail lines (Dallas Morning News)
  • Tampa trolley groundbreaking
  • Washington DC's Capital Beltway Rail Study and results
  • Goerlitz Germany
  • New Minsk Homepage
  • Kiev Metro Home Page from Vadim Dzygoon
  • February 2001

  • Disaster! Nearly 100 killed in Alpine subway accident, plus a Realplayer live report (in Austrian)
  • The Finnish Tramway Society
  • Australian Metro Systems
  • Rome and It's Tramways
  • - a great site for Irish commuter rail and the upcoming Dublin metro
  • Vancouver, Oregon to get light rail
  • New Strathclyde Passenger Transport Site
  • Kavanagh Transit's LA Blue Line page
  • Circumvesuviana home page (Naples)
  • Sydney underground City Circle Railway
  • Tehran metro home page (unofficial)
  • Unofficial Brussel subway site
  • Italian urban railway links
  • Urban Mountain Railways and People Movers by Jacek Wesolowski
  • Trams in Slovakia
  • Ivanoe De Falco's Naples Subway System unofficial home page
  • Home page for the previously unreleased "Line 6", the Naples LTR
  • Proposed Montreal monorail project
  • Brisbane monorail proposal from Triplebay Development Corp.
  • Bratislava transport home page 
  • A Subway Link to LAX? It's Still a Faraway Notion
  • Nippon Foundation's comprehensive Japanese monorail page
  • Bath trams home page (UK)
  • Alan Edwards' Croydon tram home page
  • Paris metro personal home page
  • Jon Hall's London underground rolling stock. Check out the Odds and Sods section.


    January 2001

  • Though Dayton does not have a subway, they think they do. Well worth checking out!
  • New Graz home page January 2001
  • The Unofficial web site of the AAT (Buenos Aires heritage tramway site)
  • FH Hamada's Monorails of Japan
  • Okinawa monorail home page
  • Not Rail: Oahu Zipper-Lane BRT (complete with animations)
  • Tama monorail home page

  • Light Rail Now and Keep San Antonio Moving, San Antonion and Austin's pro-ligt rail grassroots orgs

    November 2000
    The new unofficial Pyongyang metro home page
    Unofficial Graz streetcare home page

    September 2000

    Subway' new Budapest pictorial
    Slovak tram enthusiasts site

    August 2000

    The Athens metro gas a great new official site. Be sure to take the virtual reality tour of the station.
    Budapest metro home page
    A great new site about electric rail in the Emerald Isle, including light rail, commuter rail and a new metro.
    Rotterdam metro official home page
    Warsaw metro home page
    Light Rail for Cincinatti home page
    The Nancy LRT will have rubber tires, and be able to run on both fixed guideway and traditional roads. The project is being managed by Bombardier.
    New unofficial home page (French) for Rouen
    Official home page of the Montpellier tram

    Urban explorer additions:
    The Pacific Electric subway is no longer in existence, but here are a few good sites about it from some urban explorers

  • Harry Marnell's PE subway site
  • Elson Trinidad's PE Subway site.

  • Exploring the abandoned the Cincinatti subway

    June 2000

    New Bendigo trams home page

    Photo from Mark Kavanah's site
    May 2000

    Mark Kavanagh's great page on the little known Catania metro.
    An article from the South Jersey Inquirer - New South Jersey light rail line begins construction.
    More construction photos of the DART rail line in Richardson, Texas
    The Brooklyn Trolley Museum is working on a dream: to restore trolley service to Brooklyn!
    Tram and trolleybus images (mostly from Australia) from Clive Mottram (yes, the surname's real)
    Rome and It's Tramways
    More about PUTRA, which bills itself as " THE LONGEST LIGHT RAIL TRANSIT IN THE WORLD "
    The late Howthe Tramway (UK)
    Tram Italia
    Image of St. Etienne tramway (Paris)
    Trams on Railtracks - Otto Cox's page about the Karlsruhe network, with an accent on the trams' ability to run on regular (heavy) rails, sharing track with commuter and long distance trains.
    The Tram and Light Railways Society - Model trambuilding and full scale fun too, via the UK. Be sure to check out the Tram Cams link, and the Model Tramway Display.
    Trams in Blackpool and Manx by Ian Thompson
    Anthony Leith's Transit World, with heavy emphasis on Australia and New Zealand
    Mining Journal presents World Tunnelling Magazine
    Bombardier press release re: the Thessalonika metro
    About the Bursa system, courtesy of the Bursa municipal government (if you can read Turkish)
    Canada transit discussion board (WWW Board)
    HSST - a Japanese urban maglev soon to be running in Yokohama

    April 2000

    Photographs of the Adelaide Glenelg line

    March 2000

    Rail technology's report on the Mandalay Bay peoplemover
    The home page for the Rochester Rail Transit Committee is trying to bring back the Rochester subway. If successful, the LRT, and possibly subway, would be run by the existing bus authority.

    January 2000

    A new (Jan 2000) page about the Paris metro, direct from the City of Light, with both French and English versions. Be sure to check out the photo of the month.
    Worth a look - Buzzard's trip through the Buffalo subway. Sarcastic and funny, sure to get your panties in a wad.
    Plans for a new system in Uruguay
    An lrt commercial from DART (in mov format)
    Wolfgang Heinze's Frankfurt Straßenbahn Stadtbahn and page has some great subway images
    The Vogtlandbahn is a RegioSprinter system that serves Zwickau and dozens of other towns in Germany.
    Zwickau GmbH home page
    Pittsburgh Gazette News - the closing of the Drake Line
    SkyLoop, a Cincinatti organization that promotes an elevated PRT system for the area
    Discussion forum for light rail in Austin
    Vic Vreeland's RailRoading America -  A light rail hater's website
    What's the score? How cities are voting on light rail. pictorial of the HBLRT
    Detroit Peoplemover official home page

    December 1999

    From PBS: The Secret Subway
    Not a subway but you've got to check out subtropolis does image searches
    Digital Trains - Grafitti on subways and railways in the UK
    The Minato Mirai 21 Line in Yokohama
    Claims to be the subway system in Zurich
    Fascinating page about the Sagami Railway in Yokohama. Not a subway but looks just like one.
    Tracks of the New York City Subway (book)
    Yokohama subway station photos
    The building of the Sheppard Street subway (Toronto)

    November 1999

    Photo gallery of Swedish transit - still under construction but should be completed in December
    der Münchner U-Bahn - great new private site (in German)
    Great map of St. Petersburg metro from Maxim Novakov

    October 1999

  • Updated Romania page with subway photos from Chris Rivituso
  • Great new Utrecht page with photos from Frans Faase
  • Secrets of Sydney's tunnels to be probed
  • Le Gart - French public transport links
  • Minato Mirai 21 Project: Creating a 21st Century City  (Yokohama)
  • The Dawn of Modern Rapid Transit in Bangkok from Futureframe, a technology web magazine
  • Unofficial Bangkok Train site
  • Ampliación del Metro de Madrid (95-99)
  • Philadelphia's Historic PCC's
  • The Newark City Subway - feature from
  • The Picadilly Line
  • Railpace Newsmagazine
  • UBahn für Bremen
  • Home page for tram line under construction in Messina, Italy
  • 100 Year Anniversary of the Paris metro by RATP (thanks to Frederic Delaitre)
  • The missing Victor Hugo station (also thanks to Frederic Delaitre)


    August 1999

    New Delhi Metro Home Page
    The new rolling stock for the Valencia Metro, courtesy of Allen Morrison
    Zine Review Subway Surfer
    The Urban Adventure Site
    TramsOn Railtracks - Tramway projects in Europe from Otto Cox
    Traktörlü tramvay
    Transportation in Las Vegas
    Crazy Train (Velocity NYC e-zine)  - What I love about the NYC subway - not!
    El Paso Streetcars Home Page
    DART Expansion - worth a look.
    DallasCam Live. You can see the Trinity Railway communter line from here.
    Tren Urbano Construction Photos from Robert Reynolds' great site
    Honolulu Rapid Transit System Project (RIP)
    The proposed G-Line for the Muni
    Colorado Intermountain Fixed Guideway Authority - A project to run a fixed guideway system from the Denver Airport to Gypsum, Colorado. The project has not yet been approved.
    CARTS Home
    Verkehrsverbund Ost-Region (VOR)
    Street Car Toronto
    Underground City - Montreal
    The principle behind the rubber-tired metro
    Alcatel projects in Canada
    Les tramways électriques de Versailles - a short movie
    Les Chemins - a rich site on French urban transport
    Le Métro de Paris

    July 1999
    Metropass - TTC fan page
    The Bremen Streetcar Home Page
    Railway Technology page on the new Nottingham LRT now under construction
    Photoessay on the Getty Shuttle (people mover) outside of Los Angeles
    Port Louis, Mauritius, to get a Parry People Mover! The first tropical island with a light rail system.
    A couple of greatpages from days gone by: great though defunct transit systems of New Jersey from Al Mankoff
    Be sure to check out Ron Morris' great Bangkok subway and skytrainsites
    Our new Galveston trolley page
    Updated links and images on our
    Underground Stations In Germany (in German)
    A fine Munich U-Bahn site by Thomas Oswald with a really cool menu on the left side of your screen
    Straßenbahnen in Magdeburg
    Die Frankfurter Strassenbahnseite
    Fort Worth's The-T official home page with information on trolley restoration
    Guangzhou Metro Home Page
    Yarra and Swanton trams
    The Colonial Tramcar Restraurant, a traction fan's dreaItaly pagem
    Bayside trains
    The CITADIS tram in Valenciennes
    A great article from Railway Technology about Brussel's streetcars and LT conversion

    June 1999
    Centovalli Railway
     Not a subway but a real interurban in country and town settings, Locarno, Switzerland
    Our new page on traction related webrings
    Worth checking out - KVBC-TV/Channel-3  Las Vegas's Tom Hawley has a really cool page on fixed guideway systems in Nevada
    Travel & Leisure's article, Around the World by Subway
    Frederic Gonot's pages currently (6/1999) cover sysems in Montreal, Strassbourg, Roen, Stuttgart, Paris, Lyon and Karlsruhe.
    Updated Turkey page with information on Adana metro.

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