February 1999

The Porto Metro website is now open.
Frederic Deltaire's Forgotten Subways, a great site, has changed it's server.
Versailles tram animation
Check out our new page on the Metro at Sea
Dodger's DLR Fan Page
Maps from all over the London tube, over 100 of them!
Kuala Lampur to open a 16 km monorail this year.
On 2/12/1999, the Santo Domingo government announced the start of construction on the new Santo Domingo Metro Light Rail System. A copy of the article can be found here.
Dopravni Podnek Ostrava
Screensavers from BS
The Stockholm Subway  System by Tim Kynerd
Surf to the Stockholm Subway
Fantastic Stockholm tramway site
A few new pics of the Toronto subway courtsy of Kevin W. Shen.
SEJS updated Samara Metasubway station (in Russian) with new pictures
Looking for LRTA? They've changed their server, their new location is here.
Speaking of lost pages, Duncan Pflaeger's light rail/metro pages can now be found at this location.

Article received by Johnnes Heger with image on the new Tehran metro
Staten Island Rapid Transit - the Railroad Beside My Window
Updates to Thailand page
Updated page on Tunis
Tim Nold's The NOLDZone - a page about restoration projects in Texas and the Southwest
Jerry'sRailroad Photo Album (traction section) Several vintage US subway and trolley photos. Be sure to check out the archive at the bottom of the page.
The Green,Red and Blue Lines (Los Angeles) - nice pages
The Transit Gazette - Portland Based transit advocacy group
Tramscape images from Paris, Halle, Dresden, Zutich, Charleroi, Leipzig and Chemnitz
Article and photos (French) about the Nantes tramway