April 1999

News and links on BART, Muni and many other area transit authorities. A wealth of links, thanks to Joe Simpson
Take a virtual ride on the Amsterdam tram! (line 25)
Osaka subway home page (Japanese)
Moscow transit links from Serhii Pakhomov
Mud Island Metro Shuttle info from Lea + Elliott, APM designers

Ontario Transit Operators and Toronto Pages (including photos)
APTA Web Site Index - Web sites for transit systems all over the United States. Put on a pot of coffee. Very comprehensive.
Padova, Italy home page is really just a brochure scan but still worth a look
Valley Connections - A proposed system in Phoenix
Fascinating article, with photos, about Manchester's light rail system
Leif Spångberg's pages are now at www.tramways.com.
Brief page about the Midland Metro
Interesting links from the Fylde Tramway Society include the Glasgow subway, the Hythe Pier tramway, the Southend Pier tramway, the Sheffield LRT and many more.
Check out this cool VRML site from the Tokyo subway home page