What's New - May 1998

Santiago Metro - new page wih images
Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit
Manchester Transport Home Page
Commuter train It's fun, but is it feasible
Louisville's TARC home page with LRT proposals
NOT a subway but info on the Syracuse commuter railway short line, OnTrack City Express
MPO Mobility Study Online a Tampa transit advocacy group
UBAHN Vienese subway construction schedule
Local Transit 1 Dürener Kreisbahn about deisel lrt and RegioSprinter in Germany
Verlag Schweers + Wall - Bücher für Eisenbahnfreunde all in german, railfan site includes trams
A system map of the new Bangkok systems is on Robert Reynold's excellent subway site.
Tradita - Transnet Brazil transport society links
Here's a bit of info on Riga's trams
Tram routes in Chelyabinsk
Map of Kupan commuter rail network, courtesy of  SEJS