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November 2003

Darwin, Australia
A 25 km LRT is under consideration

Dubuque. Iowa
Plans for a light rail alternative are now being considered

Indianapolis, IN
A Federal study was announced that includes light rail.

Vitoria, Spain
An 8 km LRT has been approved.

August 2002

Reykjavik, Iceland
A 13.3 km light rail line is now under study

Tampere, Finland
A 15 km light rail line is planned

June 2002

Okinawa, Japan
A 13 km monorail is nearly complete. Service is expected to start in late 2003.

Yong-In, South Korea
An 18.8 km light rail line has been approved.

Dayton, OK
A heritage tramway is now in the argument stage. The system could evolve into full light rail - wink wink.

Clearwater, Florida
A monorail is scheduled to be built, linking the city center with the beach.

Montreal, Canada
A 12.9 km light rail line is in the preliminary design stages. Construction is expected to begin soon.

Colchester, UK
Dopplemayr may soon be building a line in this town.

Vigo, Spain

A 13.7 km light rail line is expected to begin construction in 2003.

March 2002

Panama City, Panama
A light rail line is in the beginning stages and is expected to be built by 2004.

A light rail line is expected to be built.between a metro station and Tenth of Ramadan City

Den Haag
Trams will be soon be routed underground starting in 2004.

New York, NY
Preliminary Engineering has begin on a subway line from Astoria to La Guardia Airport.

Union County, NJ
A light rail line has been proposed.

Tampa, Florida
Funding will be sought for a 32 km light rail line.

Orange County, California
The OTCD board agreed to construct a 32 km light rail line between Santa Rosa and Irvine, CA.

January 2002

Union County, NJ
A light rail line has been proposed.

Tampa, Florida
Funding will be sought for a 32 km light rail line.

Orange County, California
The OTCD board agreed to construct a 32 km light rail line between Santa Rosa and Irvine, CA.

A light rail interurban now seems imminent for the Harrisburg metro area

March 2001

Ho Chi Minh City
Plans for the subway system are being accelerated, with construction expected to begin soon.

September 2000

An urban rail line will be built from Athens airport. It is due to open in 2004.

Two tram routes are to be built: one from the city center to the airport, the second to the Knossos site.

Pusan, Korea
An automated metro is to be built to the city of Kimhae.

The Chinese city of Chongquing will build a 1.7 mile Aerobus monorail, to be completed in 2003.


Not really a tram or subway: A City Roamer "road train", which looks like a modern tram but is actually a bus, will be used as a free shuttle system throughout the city. The first "line" will begin in Broomfield in 2001.

Bogota, Columbia

A rail unstart: The metro project has been cancelled in favour of a highway expansion program.


The existing suburban systems on the Asian and Europen sides will be converted to a extensive metro system and will be connected by a tube under the Bosphorus. The construction will hopefully start mid 2001. The municipality has solved the financial difficulties for this project, they are at contractor selection phase.

August 2000


A new metro for Dublin. (click on News)


A 64 mile light rail system has been approved. The started line will link Phoenix with Mesa.


A people mover, a la Las Vegas style, will be built in the Methodist/ Undiana University Hospital campuses.

Vienna, Austria

A 7 station APM, built by Dopplemeyer, is under construction.


Construction begun on Beijing's urban light rail line.

May 2000


A tram system based on the Karlsruhe model is to be built. The first stage will be a conversion of the interurban Liberec – Jablonec tramway route. This line will be rebuilt to normal gauge between Liberec and Vratislavice.

Little Rock, Arkansas
A $9.6 million 1.9 mile streetcar is to be built. It will connect the Alltel Arena with the Statehouse Convention Center.

Lausanne, Switzerland
A rubber tired metro is now under construction. Alstom is to provide the vehicles.

Samsun, Turkey
Officials are considering a new light rail system.

January 2000

Beijing, China
In north Beijing, China work has started on a 40.8 km-long U-shaped light rail line of which 2.8 km will be in tunnel.


Parson Brinkerhoff will be conducting a study which may extend the current Shaker Heights rapid transit line from the Van Aiken terminal to Interstate 271, a distance of approximately 2 miles.


San Antonio voters will get their chance to give nods or nos to a proposed 55 mile street-running light rail system that already has the endorsement of the downtown business community.

December 1999

From Thomas Ullrich:

Hanover, Germany

The MPO of the greater region of Hanover has decided to start the planning of a 5.5 km long light rail extension to Altwarmbuechen, including 10 new stations. The route will connect developing business districts in the north
of Hanover with the existing light rail net. Construction is scheduled to begin in three years, taking about three years to complete.

San Francisco - BART has been awarded a federal grant for development of a 3.5 mile APM to link the BART Coliseum station with Oakland Airport.

August 1999

Isparta, Turkey
An 11.6km light rail line linking Ayazmana to Mehmet Tonge is to be built. Opening date is scheduled for the year 2000.

Construction of metro Line 4 is to go ahead after all. The 7.5km initial section will extend from Etele tér to Keleti Pu, plus future extensions to Gazdagrét and Rákospalota.

Nanjing, China
Work has begun on the first line of the for this eastern Chinese city. The 16.8km Line 1 will run north-south across the city centre. Line 1 will have 13 stawtions and link Maigaoqiao, Xinjiekuo and Xiaohang, Eight stations and 10.2km of the route will be underground. A trial excavation at Sanshanjie began in 1992, where the first underground station is being built.  Completion of the first phase is eexpected to be late 2000.

New Delhi, India
Tenders are being taken for the 55.3 km Delhi Mass Rapid Transit metro network. Completion is projected for March of 2005.

Tel Aviv, Israel.
Preliminary design of yje 18 km first line between Petah Tikwa, Tel Aviv and Bat Yam has begun. . The route is being called a pre-metro light rail for conversion to heavy metro in the future. Dual-mode operation on Israel Railways tracks is also being investigated.

Karachi, Pakistan
Work on the 13.7 km light rail line has been postposted.

Milan, Italy
Palnning has begun on a 20 station fourth metro line linking Lorenteggio with Linate airport.  The completely underground 15 km "light metro" route will run from the southwest to the east of the city. Construction is scheduled to begin in one to two years, taking abouy 6 years to complete.

Dalian, Chain
Rather than abandoning it's tramway system, Dalian is now planning on adding 30 lm of new light rail lines starting as early as next year.

July 1999
The Ferrocemento-Recchi company has won the tender to project and build a tramway line in Sassari. The line will be about 6 km long and will join the hospital with the rail station and a crowded neighbourhood .

June 1999
San Francisco Chronicale article about the new BART extension to SFO Airport

May 1999
Thessaloniki, Greece will build a 9.4 km automated VAL LRT, consisting of 9 stations. Construction will begin this year, with revenue service expected to begin in 1999. Bombardier will supply the vehicles and operate the line.

April 1999
Toronto breaks ground on an 800 meter LRT link from the Harbourfront  Line to Exhibition Place.

March 1999
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BIRMINGHAM – Alabama Ponders LRT
A consultant study has recommended four possible routes for a light rail transit system in Birmingham.  All would originate downtown and would serve either Center Point, Inverness, Hoover, or Bessemer.  City officials are looking to Washington for at least $87.5 million in federal funding, but local governments would have to contribute about $17 million.   A final decision reportedly is still a long way off.

CINCINNATI – LRT Accelerates
An $11.8 million contract for preliminary engineering on a light rail line in the Cincinnati region was awarded Dec. 10 to BRW-Hazelet & Erdal.  The firms will study a corridor paralleling Interstate 71 from 12th Street in Covington to Pfeiffer Road in Blue Ash.  Eventually the line could connect the regional airport, which is located across the Ohio River in northern Kentucky, with downtown Cincinnati and its suburbs.  Preliminary engineering is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2000

LOS ANGELES – Pasadena Progress
The 13.6-mile Los Angeles to Pasadena light rail line, which was scrapped by the MTA due to lack of funding, may have gotten a reprieve. The state legislature, fed up with the MTA’s bungling, created the Pasadena Metro Blue Line Construction Authority with the sole mission of completing the project.  A five-member joint powers authority consisting of representatives from the cities along the line governs the new agency, which came into existence Jan. 1.  The MTA has already sunk more
than $225 million into planning and construction, with about 12 percent of the latter having been completed.  The total cost has been variously estimated by the MTA as between $804 million and $856 million but a study commissioned by the city of Pasadena concluded that at least $100 million could be shaved off those figures.  But that won’t be enough.
Based on the amount of funding that will be available, including $258 million in state money and some sales tax revenue, at least $200 million will have to be sliced from the initial estimates.  There is an Apr. 1 deadline to complete a detailed financial plan but members of the new authority began the year in disarray, haggling over who should be appointed acting CEO among other key issues.  The MTA would operate the line using some of the 52 new Siemens LRVs now being delivered.  A plan
floated early last year to sell or lease some of the LRVs -- plus about 10 of 74 new Red Line subway cars now on order -- has been shelved now that the MTA has determined none are surplus to its needs.

Consultants have been hired to begin preliminary engineering and an environmental impact report on a proposed light rail line in the Louisville, Kentucky area.  Schimpeler Inc., a local firm, and Seattle-based De Leuw, Cather & Co. will be paid $665,000 by the Transit Authority of River City (TARC) to look at a 13-mile route in the Interstate 65 corridor.  It would connect downtown with the University of Louisville, the fairgrounds and the airport, terminating at the Snyder Freeway.  The two firms will more precisely define the route and station locations and recommend possible funding scenarios.  Preliminary estimates place the cost at between $300 million and $450 million, about half of which would have to be picked up by the federal government.

TAMPA – Short Line Shuts Down
The privately owned, cable-hauled peoplemover that connected downtown Tampa with Harbour Island closed on Jan. 16, a victim of the area’s hard economic times.  The single-track elevated system cost just $7 million when it was inaugurated in June 1985 but within 10 years it needed more than $570,000 dollars in annual operating subsidy from business owners
on the island.  The fare was only 25 cents but in recent years ridership dropped as stores and restaurants on the island closed.  The city will tear down the half-mile concrete guideway at a cost of $1 million, the money coming from the owner of Harbour Island who was anxious to end the financial drain of running the tram.

January 1999

Amman, Jordan

  • Priced at JD28m, this proposed 26 km network will be double-track throughout. There will be 3 km of street running in the city center and a 23 km interurban route from Al Mahattah in Amman to the satellite suburb of New Zerqa alongside the existing 1 050 mm gauge Hedjaz Railway. Traffic is put at around 40,000 passengers/day at opening.
  • Bratislava, Slovakia

  • Siemens, Matra and Campenon Bernard SGE will construct a 7 km metro line from the city centre to Petrzalka. Operating company Metro AS anticipates that work will start within 18 months.

  • Spokane, Washington
  • Congress has allocated $1 milllion for planning work on a 26km LRT using an old rail alignment. The $300 million east-west line should open in 2004. .

    Charleston, South Carolina

  • Futrex's System 21, an automated PRT system, will be developed in Charleston

    Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Plans have been approved to add an additional 19.3 km to the yet-to-be-built LRT

    Dalian, China

  • A 60 km monorail has been approved. Transco Holdings will design, build and operate the Super Jumbo monorail.


  • Funding for a 14 km LRT is in the approval process


  • Construction has been approved for a 22 km, 17 station LRT to run a north-south corridor

    Tel Aviv, Israel

  • A construction plan has been approved for an underground and surface rail mass transit system between Netanya and Ashdod. Opening year is expected to be 2005.

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • A line is being renovated for light rail operation. The 1,000 mm gauge Avellaneda -- La Plata route will be 20 km and cost $11 million.

    Sydney, Australia
  • underground metro to be built to the Airport
  • December 1998

    Fortaleza, Brazil

  • Metro to be constructed.  The first phase will involve 2.3 km underground in the city centre and converting an existing 22 km suburban line.

    New Delhi, India
  • The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, is expecting to commission the first section of the first phase of an urban rapid transit system by mid-2002. The whole scheme will be in two parts, a surface railway and an underground metro. The completed network will be nearly 200 km long and is expected to be finished by the year 2021. 11 km of the 55.3 km three-line network is expected to be underground.

  • Shenzhen, China
  • Approval was granted by the Chinese Government for the construction of the first phase of the 14.5 km Shenzhen metro.

    Izmir, Turkey
  • Izmir is building a metro system consisting of four tunnels, two at 550 m and two at 800 m and a train station.

  • Camden, NJ
  • The Southern New Jersey Light Rail Transit (SNJLRT) system has been approved. It will link Camden, Burlington County and Trenton.

  • The Singapore government has approved the 13 km-long automated Marina metro line.

  • Colorodo Springs, CO
  • Trolley system planned to open in downtown 2001-2002

  • November 1998

    Thesaloniki, Greece

  •  Metro construction approved

  • Le Mans, France
  •  13.5 km tramway to start in year 2000

  • Sydney
  •  elevated rail section to be built to handle the Olympic traffic

  • Adana, Turkey
  •  Construction approved for a 13.5 km LRT

  • Jerusalem, Israel
  •  Project approval of 14 km LRT. The first line between Pisgat Ze'ev and Yad Vashem is expected to be fully operational in 2005.

  • In the city centre, Jaffa Road will become a pedestrian precinct between the Generali building and Davidka square, traversed only by the light rail line. The 70% low floor vehicles are intended to accommodate 500 passengers per train, and run at 3 minute intervals. End-to-end journey time will be 30 min, giving an average commercial speed of 28 kph.

    The remainder of the system is to be constructed over the next 20 years. The star-shaped network of cross-city routes envisages branches from all major suburbs converging to give 90 sec headways on the core sections The eight lines are:
    1 Pisgat Zeev -- Kiryat Menahem;
    2 Neve Yaakov -- Malha;
    3 Atarot -- Saladdin Street;
    4 Ramot -- Malha;
    5 Ramot -- Gillo;
    6 Kiryat Menahem -- Gillo;
    7 Kiryat Menahem -- Jaffa Gate;
    8 Har Nof -- Mount Scopus.

    Paris, France

  •  2.9 km extension under construction of the Bobigny LRT
  •  extension to Meteor line

  • Orleans, France
    Construction begun on LRT

    Alicante, Spain

  •  New LRT construction approved

  • Malagra, Spain
  •  5 line 25 km LRT construction approved

  • Castellon, Spain
  •  LRT project approved

    Valencia, Spain

  •  Extension of 2 LRT lines and addition of new line

  • Omaha, Nebraska
  •  New route on trolley proposed

  • Grand Canyon
  •  14.5 km LRT approved

  • Newark, NJ
  •  Subway to be extended to Bergen County line

  • Orlando, FL
  •  Locals request study of monorail option vs LRT
  •  LRT design work approved on 24 km line to Disney World

  • United Arab Emirates
  •  LRT plans announced to link airport with cities throughout the country

  • Stockholm, Sweden
  •  Underground airport line set to open soon