Type Full Metro and light rail
Stations 45
Lines 4
Length In Subway 63 km
Length Topside 0
Total Length 63 km
Year Built 1979
Address Regia Autonoma de Exploatare a Metrolul
METROREX R.A. Bucharesti
Interprinderea de Transport Bucuresti 
Bul, Dinicu Golescu 1 
Bucharest, Romania
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tram photos from the LRTA gallery
Comments The rolling stock consists of two car units and the maximum length of a train is 3 sets (6 cars) due to the station's limited platform lengths. The tram network, according to the official home page for Metrorex, consists of over 500 km of street running and interurban operations.

A few scanned images from METROREX

Drawings of the rolling stock

Image links from the Mercurio Gallery

Some great shots courtesy of Christopher Rivituso

Bucuresti metro operator Metrorex has announced its intention to call tenders for a 2ˇ26bn lei, 30-month contract to build the first section of metro Line 5 between Eroilor and Statia Piata Iancului.

The line will eventually link Drumul Taberei in the southwest to Pantelimon at the eastern end of Line 1.

Tenders for a 51ˇ6m lei contract to design metro Line 7 are due to be opened on March 24. The proposed 25 km route would run from Bragadiru to Voluntari via Alexandriei, Rahova and Colentina and would have 30 stations.

How people ride trams in Romania