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The Bucarest subway opened in 1979. It's 4 lines cover 69.25 km and serve 48 stations. With the exception of the Berceni station, all lines are underground.



A 6 km, 10 station
Line 5 is in the late planning stages due to open in 2014.  Line 6 will be a 16 km, 19 station metro that will serve a number of communities including the airport.  Work is expected to begin in mid 2012 and is in the early planning stages.

As you can see, Bucarest metro cars are
some of the finest in Europe. Photo by Davin Ellicson

Operating authority METROREX (Regia Autonoma de Exploatarea Metrolul)
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Light Rail and Streetcar

How people ride trams in Romania
Bucarest's tram network, according to the Metrorex official home page, consists of over 500 km of street running and interurban operations.

Drawings of the rolling stock

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Some great shotscourtesy of Christopher Rivituso

Though many small Romanian towns cannot afford a metro, the central government helps out by "trucking in" metros.. Above is the new motorized above ground line which serves Dracula's castle, the local Walmart and the house of the village idiot.