light metro under construction - not

Sochi is a resort city on the Black Sea near Krasnodar. In 2014, it will be hosting the winter Olympics. Assuming of course that the Mayans were wrong and the world doesn't end. Which would mean I've done all this work on this silly web site for nothing.

What better an excuse to build a metro than the upcoming winter olympics? It worked for Vancouver and apparently it has worked for Sochi. Similar to Moscow's Butovskaya Line and St. Petersburg's upcoming Nadzemny Express, this was to be Russia's third light metro. Three lines were to have a total of 86.4 km and 24 stations, all of which will open in 2013. Besides running underground, sections will include mountain tunnels. It was originally reported that the city signed a contract with Bombardier for their new Spacium metro cars, with the project being built by Mostovik. It now appears that the lines wil be using Desiro rolling stock by Siemens.

Blasphemy! Update 2011: Sadly, this is NOT going to be a metro but simply part of the existing area rail system. The metro is dead. Long live the metro.

In 2012, the 2.8 km Sochi Airport Express opened for business between the airport and Adler. Or maybe Alder, Hell, you say Adler, I say Alder, let's call the whole thing a metro..

A good time is expected to be had by all.

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