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Singapore's metro is known as the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit. It opened in 1987 and current spans 152.2 km with 97 stations. About 44 km are in subway.

All underground stations are deep and hardened to withstand conventional aerial bomb attacks but we're not sure as to why and by whom. Two new lines, as well as extensions to the system's existing lines, are currently under construction. Two more lines are also in the early planning stages. Singapore plans to have 360 km by 2030

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Light Rail

According to Western standards, Singapore's three light rail lines are actually light capacity elevated metros. All three lines are completely automated and run on rubber tires.

Opened in 1999, the network serves 43 stations, 10 of which are closed, and 28.8 km of track. The lines connect several large housing projects with the MRT. No additional lines are planned.

In June 2014, the first of four stations on the West Loop opened for business. The line is expected to open the remaining stations by the end of the year.

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