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In addition to Bern's 14.4 km tramway network,
a separate, 2 line 17.8 km light railway, known as the "G Line", is run by the RBS and links Bern with Worb Dorf. Another 35.9 km interurban RBSline, the "J Line",  links Bern with Solothurn and Worb Dorf. The J line also has an underground station in the central city. The BLSL÷tschbergbahn andBern-Oberlandbahn also operate as a narrow gauge interurbans.

Included as part of the Oberlandbahn is the Jungfraubahn, or Young Wife's Train, which includes 3 underground stations. It uses special MILF cars and is a very popular ride with male residents of the city.

newest extension was a 6.8 km "Y" addition to the tram network in December 2010. The addition replaced two trolleybus lines. A extension to Line 9 and a new tram line have also been approved.

Known as the Tram of the Beast because of the Devil's number on the front, what many don't know is that the Dark Prince is also a diehard metro fan. During a period in Switzerland when he was busy corrupting souls, the Evil One enjoyed the West Bern tram ride so much he had it rebranded with his number. This led to a local Baptist pastor demanding that the number be changed or the train be banned from running past his church.

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