Switzerland is one of those difficult pages to complete when you're dealing with fixed guideway urban transit systems because, just as in Japan and Germany, there's lots of overlap. For example, these THURBO cars look very much like the Hudson-Bergen LRT.  I've done my best to sort it all out for you, but if I've missed something, please let me know. Probably the best web page I've seeb so far on the subject is the Suisse Express electric Swiss railfan pages.

Does Switzerland have any subways? By the standards of a true metro, the answer would be an emphatic No!. But technically, there are seven subways in the banker's paradise: 2 in Lausanne, one in Locarno, two in Zurich and two alpine subways, one in Zermatt and one in Saas Fe.

SWISSMETRO  - A national high speed "metro"  in planning
Swissmetro official home page
FUNET Railway's
Swiss Trams
Suisee Express - a greaat page from Belgium with information about a variety of Swiss electric railways
www.rail-info.ch - Switzerland's narrow gauge railways
Railfan Europe page
- a good evenings worth of tramsturbating
Swiss railways cab mounted web cam

Narrow gauge railways that resemble LRVs
* ERS/Merurio/Railfan Europe keeps changing its name. Use these urls at your own peril.

WSB (Wynental- und Surental Bahn)
OSST (Oberaargau-Solothurn-Seeland-Transport)
Nyon to Le Cure
The BOB  Group (Interlaken area)
Jungfraubahn (Kleine Scheidegg)
Polybahn runs through buildings. The Parsenbahn in Davos goes ascends the slopes.
Transports Publics du Chablais - more s-bahn but traction nonetheless. Official home page.
Friends of small Swiss trains
Rail-Info Switzerland - great info about many Swiss narrow gauge railways
Swiss tram cams, for the ultimate Swiss tramway voyeur
Swiss private and narrow gauge railways from the ERS
Cog Railways in Switzerland
Switzerland's Amazing Railways - Narrow Gague Edition
Swiss Railways Blogspot

Honourable mention: The
Davos Parsenn Bahn funicular greatly resembles a metro.