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 Saas-Fee The Pearl of the Alps  - A short funicular metro in the Saas-Fee ski resort. Very little about the metro. Another Saas-Fe page Here is a map of the Alpine metro Michel's Saas Fe page Be sure to stop at the Ice Pavillion when you get to the top.

This stolen from an Alpine Metro page:

In order to provide access to the glacier area around the Mittelallalin, a completely underground funicular railway was constructed from Felskinn as an extension of the existing Saas-Fee - Felskinn cableway. This high-mountain underground railway, a world first of its kind, was constructed trough a sloping tunnel at an altitude from 3000 to 3500 m (9840 to 11480 ft.) Using a modern heading and cutting machine, the tunnel was cut in 18 months. The Metro Alpin consists of a 1475 m (4838 ft) long sloping tunnel of 4,2 m (16 ft) diameter, the 150 m (492 ft) long access tunnel to the valley station, the half-way station with a 25 m (82 ft) long entrance tunnel from the Hohlaub glacier and the mountain station with the driving machinery for the funicular railway. The Metro Alpin is independent of the weather and correspondingly safe. The preservation of the natural surroundings and the high environmental substainability and the main advantages in addition to the large transportation capacity and the reliable operation in summer und winter.

Here are a few more facts courtesy of Pasquale Gorgone

System Funicular railway from Von Roll Transport Systems Ltd. Berne
Construction Year 1984
Costs CHF 35,5 million
Transport capacity 1500 pers./h

Technical data:

Valley station 2980 m   (9775 ft) above sea level
Mountain station 3445 m  (11300 ft) above sea level
Difference in altitude   465 m   (1525 ft)
Length 1434 m   ( 4705 ft)
2 cars for 115 + 1 person each
Max. speed 10 m/s (32,80 ft/s)
      Journey time 3,2 minutes

      Many greetings from Saas Fee, Switzerland
      Pasquale Gorgone
      Luftseilbahnen Saas Fee AG

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