St. Gallen
Interurban tramways, funicular subway

St. Gallen has three tramways: the Appenzell, the Trogen and the Muhleggbahn, a funicular subway.

The 25.92 km
Appenzellbahn is a narrow gauge rack railway which opened in 1875.  While most of it snakes through the hills serving small towns such as Gais, Appenzell and Waldstadt, a small section runs along the street.

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The 9.8 km Trogenerbahn opened in 1903. It functions as a true tram in St. Gallen city limits and connects with the nearby town of Trogen, where it also runs in the street. Also owned by the Alpenzellerbahnen, there are plans to link the two lines, both of which terminate at the same station in St. Gallen.

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A funicular "subway", the
Mühleggbahn, opened in 1893.