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For a city with no subway system, Zurich has quite a few underground metros. Well, sort of.

Part of Zurich's 109 km light rail system is in a tunnel whichwas part of an
ill fated subway construction project. The underground portion opened in 1986 and consists of 3 stations. Because the line was originally intended for a full metro, meaning low headways, the trams run with their pantographs almost completely down.

A 3 km extension to tram line 4 will bring Zurich's tram system to 113 km.

Also approved is a 13.4 km Limmatalbahn light rail line which will back up an S-bahn serving the same corridor,

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The tram system includes the
Glattalbahn, a light rail line that serves the city's northern suburbs and the airport. The 12.7 km Glattalbahn is run by the VBZ and is also known as Line 12. It takes it's name from the Glatt Valley that it serves.

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Forchbahn, a 17 km interurban tramline, is also partiallyin subway. Originally built in 1912, the tunnels werebuilt in 1974. Running along what some Swiss call Zurich's "Gold Coast", it has three stations in tunnel, including a recent extension to Wetzikon.

Several of
Zurich'sS-Bahn stations are underground,including 2 at the Zurich HB, at Stettbach and at the Zurich Airport.

(Shlital Zurich Uetlibergbahn) interurban-like 9 km "Uetlibergbahn S10", opened in 1872Here a car, looking very much like a metro, pulls into the subway stationat Hauptbahnhof, which was  originally built for the metro. The Uetlibergbahn runs underground to Selnau, where it runs on the surface through the suburbs to Triemli,  and then climbs throughthe forest to Uetliberg summit.

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Dolderbahn, a 1.3 km light rack railway,opened in 1895 and connectsRömerhof with Dolder. 

Zurich is also home to the
Bremgarten - Dietkion Bahn, route S17 on the Zurich stadtbahn network. This 11 km interurban, which opened in 1902, reportedly includes street running and scenic, hairpin turns. complete with the chance to order your own Big Mac, fries and not-too-hot-please coffee. It is run by the BDWM Transport.

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Also under construction and dserving honorable mention is a 4.5 km
S-Bahn tunnel.


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