Plans for mass transit railways in Korat and Phuket have been discussed at times, but officials have so far said Phuket.



  • The Bangkok Elevated Road and Train System (BERTS), 3 lines, 67.4 km, all elevated, integrated road, mass transit (CT) and main line rail (SRT) System. This project has recently died in mid-construction.
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    Bangkok Mass Transit Railway (Skytrain)
    Elevated 2 lines, 23 stations, 23 km where the homeless sleep on the islands

    Be sure to check out Ron Morris' great Bangkok subway and skytrain sites




    Bangkok MTR (Mass Transit Railway), aka Blue line, aka the new subway
    The Unofficial Chiang Mai Subway Site - Mystery subway plans in Bangkok by Ron Morris
    The Consulting Engineers Association of Thailand (CEAT) MTR page

    There also exists a project called the Bangkok Elevated Road and Train System. Some information about this system exists on Ove Arup & Partners' site, as well as on Siemen's site.

    Finally, a .

    The Dawn of Rapid Transit in Bangkok