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Metro, light metro

Ankara's full metro was completed and opened for revenue service in 1997. An extension, known as Line M3,  which opened in 2014 gave the metro a total length of 30.2 km and 23 stations  (8 underground + 13 below-grade on open cut + 2 elevated). 15.5 km of the line is in subway . 

he Ankara metro cars are modified H6 Toronto subway cars built by Bombardier. In 2014, with the opening of M1's extension, new cars were added to the fleet.

In February 2014, Ankara bus and metro operator
EGO opened an 18 km extension to the heavy metro from Kizilay southwest to Çayyolu.

Construction is underway on three new lines totaling 44.5 km, with plans for several more. Line M2 will run for 16·6 km from Kizilay in the city centre to the southwestern suburb of Çayyolu. The 15·4 km Line M3 will run west from Batikent to Sinçan, and the 10 km Line M4 north from Tandogan to Keçiören via Ulus. Each line will have 11 stations, and all three will connect with the 14·6 km line M1. All three lines are expected to open in 2014. A fourth line. M4, is in the early planning stages and is expected to open in 2015.

Light Rail
Ankara's light metro, or Ankaray, opened in 1996. It is 8.7 km long, with 8 km in subway.  A small extension is under construction which will allow passengers to connect to the new full metro line under construction  at Sogutozu.


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