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Abu Dhabi (aka Abi Dhabi)
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In early 2003, a 12 km
circular rail line and plans for an elevated  monorail were announced. In August of 2003, it was also reported that a monorail network, partially in subway, was approved.

Finally, in 2012, funding for the very ambitious and mostly underground131 km metro, and the 300 km tram network
was approved. The first 30 km light rail line, according to Spain based Sener Group, would be up and running as early as 2014. The first metro line was expected to be running some time in 2016.

In March 2012, as tenders were invited, plans changed to a somewhat less ambitious 70 km metro network with a 2020 opening date. The network will include one full metro, two light rail lines and a bus rapid transit component.

The metro is expected to
connect with the Dubai metro.

Abu Dhabi Metro
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Masdar PRT car photo

In Abu Dhabi's
Masdr City, a "green city", a personal rapid transit system was in the early design stages. The Pods-cars can zip up to 6 people to their desired destination in this petroleum free city built with the proceeds of petroleum. The Podcars were to complement a 20 km light rail line. Some reports also say the PRT system would run underground. Masdr City also plans to run on solar power and use desalinization plants for it's water. Designed and built by an Israeli firm, the emirate is still trying to figure out how to have these built without actually allowing the Israelis into the country. One suggestion is to built a PRT system that levitates, so that the Israeli's will not actually be touching the hallowed ground, thus preserving the emirate's purity and keeping everything technically legal.

In March 2011, the PRT project
was shelved, but not before an 800 meter test line was built. The POD cars currently shuttle people from the station to the university. They run on energy generated in part from thermal energy storing molten salt, as opposed to the planned United States solar pods, which will run on 100% bullshit.

Masdar City people mover
test run
PRT Gallery for Masdar City