The only subway section on the Metrolink system is the approach to the terminus below Manchester Piccadilly railway station. But surprise! This station resides on the second floor of Victoria station, thus making it an elevated station. As can be seen in the photo above, the current end of the line of the tramway includes a handy car wash at the end of the tracks.

Light Rail

Manchester's first light rail line opened in 1992. It was one of the UK's first of the new tram metros. The system has six lines and spans 92.5 km. Various extensions are underway which will expand the system to 97 km and 99 stations. Several additional extensions and lines are also in the late planning stages, with funding already approved. Most recent to open is the 14.5 km airport link, which will serve the Mersey Valley.

In late 2013, a second line was approved. Manchester's second tram line will snake through it's central city, joining with Line 1 at Victoria Station.

There are
no serious plans to establish any underground sections.

Manchester is also home toa small museum tramway that runs through Heaton Park.

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