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Full Metro, LRT, tramway, light rail

The Kiev metro opened for business in 1960. It currently has 3 lines, 67.6 km and 52 stations, 7.9 km of which is above ground. The first line
took 11 years to build. A 7.2 km metro bridge, including 2.3 km  over the Dnieper, is under construction. It will include several stops at island settlements, including Sudobudivna (Ship Building Station) and Trukhaniv Ostriv (Trukhaniv Island) The first section of the new elevated Podilsko-Vyhurivska Line (Line 4),  is expected to open in 2015. When finished in 2025, it will have 20 km and 16 stations,.

Construction on an extension of Line 3 has been temporarily suspended due to lack of capital.

Kiev Light Rail will run in October
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Two light rail lines, known in the Ukraine as
fast trams or "metrotrams", run in seprate parts of the city. The Vokzal'na fast tram is 9.1 km and can be found at the metro station of the same name on Line 1. The 5.2 km Livoberzhna line runs in the north west of the city and does not connect with the rest of the metro system. Both lines were originally supposed to morph into new metro lines, but the government ran out of money. Plans for the Livoberezhna Line continue, as does some construction of the Ukranian pre-metro.

IIn 2009 the Livoberezhna Line closed due to poor ridership. The stations were upgraded to what one might call North American light rail standards, and the line was extended south, where a new seventh station was added to connect with a new commuter ring railway. The new and improved Metroram Line 4 opened in October 2012 and is 6.7 km long.

Photos can be seen here and here.

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Kiev's first tramway opened in 1892. It currently consists of 139.9 km, 2 lines and 14 km of which includes light rail first opened in 1978. However, the track length appears to be decreasing each day.

According to
this report, many of Kiev's trams are disappearing, with the only ones promoted being the high speed Light rail style lines. Currently, there are three such lines on about 14 km of track. Like the metro, Kiev was about to receive new rolling stock but unfortunately the plans fell through. It currently has 26 lines.

Kiev's route 12 in Pusha-Voditsa, a "garden city" with lakeside picnic areas, is known to be a "beautiful ride", including street and roadside operation, with several kilometers on private right of way
through a forest.

During Soviet times, there were plans to build an underground LRT but the plans have disappeared along with Joe Stalin.

On June 9, 2004, without warning, the Paton Bridge tramway, which in essence linked the east and west networks, suddenly closed.  As soon as the last tram crossed the bridge,  workers began tearing up the streets and removing the rail. All this occurred without warning or public notice. However, rumor has it that the tramway was carrying unauthorized literature and was in reality an enemy of the State.

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Occasional Flooding doesn't stop loyal Kiev subway goers.