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Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. This Twain quote could be ascribed to the ever persistent pipe dream of the Montevideo metro. (No, it's not a Let's Make A Deal episode you can rent at your local Blockbuster). Like some bad 1960's Dracula movie that isn't dead but just smells funny, this project just keeps coming back despite the fact that there's no money to build it.

The metro project would include three underground lines and a surface light rail line.
The first stage would include construction of the Red Line from the harbour to Ejido, where it would connect with the Blue Line. The 15 km line would serve Parque Rodó, Punta Carretas, and Pocitos. Second stage is extending the Red Line to Estadio Centenario and Hospital de Clínicas. Third stage is a further extension to Punta Rieles and the beginning of the light Yellow Line from Tres Cruces to Hipólito Irigoyen. The line would then run  parallel to Avenida Italia.

According to a 2002
Tunnelbuilder article,  Uruguayan officials traveled to Bilbao to visit the metro in the old Basque city. Status of the project is still pending.

Plans for a new metro - 3 subway lines and an LRT
Metro Montivideo

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