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Orange County
Light Rail  - planned

Orange County is home to such well known cities as Santa Anna, - the county's capital city,  Annaheim, Irvine and San Juan Capistrano, among
many others. Pacific Electric Red Line cars served these communities until about 1950.

In 2009, a
proposed light rail project in Irvine was killed by the city, despite the advanced preliminary engineering done on the project.  The Orange County Transportation Authority recently lost it's bid for the centerline, a light rail subway that would have been the backbone of a future network.

In 2015, the county agreed to commit $56 million toward a streetcar connecting Santa Ana and Garden Grove.

In November 2009, Anaheim is in serious discussion as to the type of fixed transit mode they will use. Light rail has been ruled out, and the most likely candidiate is a small monorail, like the one at Annaheim's Disneyland, as opposed to PRT or maglev.

Fixed Guideway Transit Vision (video)