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San Diego, California
light rail

While BART may have been California's first modern subway, the San Diego trolley is probably the catalystthat brought the light rail revoilution to North America. Known to have built on the cheap. this extremely successful light railway network is profitable and popular. So, what's not to like?

The first line of the San Diego trolley opened in 1981.  The line stretched to San Ysidro on the US Mexico border, where it is used by US citizens and Mexican "long term visitors" alike.

As of November 2009, there are currently 3 lines, covering 82.2 km with 53 stations. The newest line, the Green Line, includes San Diego's
only subway station. A new 17,7 km Mid Coast Line is in the active planning stages, and the San Diego Electric Railway Association is in active negotiations with the city to create a downtown streetcar loop using PCC cars. It will be known as the Silver Line..

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