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San Francisco, California
subway, light rail subway, streetcar

San Francisco's rail transit network consists of three networks: a full metro system known as BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), a light rail subway system known as the Muni (short for Municipal railway), and a small streetcar system that integrates in some areas with the MUNI.

BART - San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit

BART was created in 1957 as a replacement for the dismantled light rail Key System. The first subway line opened in 1972. The system currently has five lines and covers four counties over 167 km of track and 43 stations.

Under construction is a 1.6 km Central Park subway in Freemont  An 8.6 km Warm Springs extension was approved in 2011 and is expected to open in 2016. A 16 km extension from Warm Springs to Berryessa is under construction, while a 10 mile line to Santa Clara University is in the design stage..Also under construction is e-Bart, a 16 km extension using diesel vehicles to Antioch in Contra Costa County. It will be managed by VTA, the transit authority for San Jose, which also runs the county's light rail system.  E-Bart is expected to electrify the line when funds become available. Which begs the question, would a better name have been D-BART?

Source:  Bay Area Rapid Transit
Also under construction by BART is a 5.2 km automated cable liner which will connect the Coliseum BART station with Oakland Airport. The line is due to open in 2013.

MUNI Light Rail


San Francisco

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    A new subway for San Francisco