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Jacksonville was once home to Florida's only subway station. Abandoned in 1932, the Myrtle Avenue subway still exists as a roadway. Ironically, the subway ran through a neighborhood called Brooklyn. The center of the subway is below the level of the river and a sump station is maintained to keep it free of water. And while it looks like just an underpass to us, who are we to bring in the technicalities of truth where history is concerned.

Automated Monorail

Opened in 1997, the $186 million 2.5 km, 8 station system, Jacksonville's Skyway is said to be one of the most expensive white elephants the city has seen since Barnum & Bailey came to town. One proponent claims that the cost, bourne mostly by the federal government via a grant, included basic parts of the infrastructure that allowed 10 times the activity on a system sixty miles long, and that additions to the system would be in the range of 9 to 10 million. If he's right, Jacksonville is foolish for not capitalizing on their investment.

Riverside extension is under discussion but is far from approved.

Skyway Video Ride

Plans for streetcars in Jacksonville have already been drawn up, and as of 2010 are
awaiting city council approval.

Light Rail Jacksonville

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