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Metrorail is a mostly elevated 36 km heavy rail system that serves the Miami metro area. Which is why it happens to appear on this web page.

Metrorail opened in 1984, and consists of one 23 station line.
According to Wikipedia, three new extensions to the Metrorail system totaling 3 km are in the planning stages and have already been approved. A 2.4 km extension connecting Earlington Heights to a new transit center near the airport opened in July 2012. Other extensions include an East-West Corridor, and a 9.5 mile North Corridor.

A study for a beach to mainland rail transit link has also
been approved. A light rail line between Miami and the convention center is also being studied.


Metromover is a 3 line, 7.1 km automated elevated people mover system which act as feeder lines from Miami's metrorail system in the downtown area. All three lines run in loops and connect with most downtown metrorail stations. The system's initial sections opened in 1986. In many ways, it is remeniscient of New York City's el system. It is free of charge to ride. Voyeurs can take advantage of the free CCTV cameras installed in the newer trains.

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A proposed
10.6 mile streetcar system has been on the drawing board since 2006. To date, no ground has been broken, other than a shovel ful of dirt by the mayor. Because construction has been postponed "indefiintely", the opening has been delayed to 2012. Curious.

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