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Heritage trolley, planned light rail

Though a far cry from any subway, even a tiny one, Hillsborough County's  
HART has been successful in installing a 2.7 mile streetcar. Opened in 2002, the 12 station trolley line connects Ybor City with downtown Tampa.  In 2010, a .3333333333 to infinity mile extension recahed downtown Tampa. While further extensions are talked about, none are in the planning stages. In fact, low ridership numbers in a poor economy are conspiring to close the poor thing.

In 2012, voters said No to a light rail referendum, perhaps because the idea of spending more in a difficult economy was not the best idea. Yet in late 2012, a scaled down 12 mile version of the original plan is still a consideration. Next door in Pinellas County, the strong possibility of a 24 mile, 16 staton light rail line linking St. Petersberg with Clearwater still exists.

Of honorable mention is the defunct
Harbor Island People Mover, an automated guideway system that was murdered...er, dismantled, in 1999. Part of the proceeds from law suit involving the fixed guideway APM went towards the construction of Tampa's heritage trolley, so in a way, the city fathers made an honest effort to recycle and can therefore be somewhat forgiven of their transgression against transit fans.

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