Houston has three light rail lines. The North-south Red Line runs from high atop a trestle at the University of Texas terminal to the city's hospital district. Two new lines opened in May, 2015 and serve the eastern and southeast sides of the city. Currently the system includes 37 stations and 22.7 miles. An extension to the Green Line is expected to open in 2017,

Five additional lines were approved in January 2008, but da rich white folks don't want none of us coloreds comin over to their side of town so...oh wait...Transit lines to the west have been blocked in favor of a less expensive BRT which representatives for the Post Oak and Richmond areas believe would better serve their constituents.

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for our interactive map where you can ride the Metro Rail.

These are a few night pics taken at Houston Metro's UT light rail station high above downtown Houston. I used an old Fujifilm Finepix 2300. It didn't seem to light up downtown with its flash as much as I'd hoped, but the results were interesting.

More pics from 2-28-2008 taken with a Fuji F50fd

Movie 1
Movie 2

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