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Who could imagine that it would happen in Minneminneminnesota? For those who said It can't happen here, they were wrong. In June 2004, Minneapolis opened it's first light rail line, which included a subway station at the airport. The Hiawatha Line, which coincidence would have it ended up running along Hiawatha Avenue, runs 19.8 km and serves 19 stations.

Central Corridor Map
In 2010,
the Central Corridor Light Rail project
began construction. Completed in June 2014, the 11 mile, 10 station line connects the twin cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. The line takes 40 minutes to cover the distance, replacing an express bus that takes approximately 25 minutes but does not serve local neighborhoods well.

Also being studied is the
Hopkins Transitway, a light rail line which would connect Minneapolis with the suburb of Eden Prairie, St. Louis Park, Edina, and several other suburban cities.  A 13 mile northwest corrridor, the Bottineau Transitway, was approved in 2013, but no ground has been broken yet.

A 17 station, 25.6 km Southwest Line connecting Minneapolis with Eden Prairie is due to begin construction in 2016 with a target revenue opening in 2019. The "Green Line" will be a branch of the Central Corridor line. 

A fourth light rail line known as the "Bottineau Line" is also in the early planning stages and could be running by 2021.

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The Minnesota Streetcar Museum currently operates two heritage streetcar lines.

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