New York

Other towns in New York that are considering light rail include Bethlehem, Syracuse and Westchester County.

Honorable mention also goes out the Syracuse's On Track commuter rail line, which was never on track.


A cybertram for Albany?
Plans for Albany's light rail has waffled between light rail to commuter rail to light rail to bus rapid transit...uh, I mean buses. That are fast. And carry people. The opening of Albany's first ;light rail line was planned for 2008.  In 2009,  was also under consideration. Three years later, we have the same thing that Kansas City has.

Light rail photos from LightRail.Com
THE CITIZENS RAPID TRANSIT COMMITTEE - Light Rail advocacy and expansion of the Bufallo metro rail
Auto Free in Buffalo
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The Best of the Bunch - Buzzard's antagonistic Buffalo Subway System

New York City
subway, ALRT

The New York City subway, arguably one of the greatest in the world, is where I first got hooked on subways. From the time I was able to walk, i would insist on standing on the street grating to bask in what I considered to be the wonderful odor of the subway - a strange mixture of trash, urine and hot steel wafting to Roosevelt Avenue in gasps of hot, metal air. No matter how good the NYC subway smells, over 4 million people ride it every day. New Yorkers from all walks of life, from a New York DWI Lawyer to a Brooklyn fast food worker, count on the subway system for their daily commute.

The New York subway consists of a large conventional metro system, a small rapid transit railway on Staten Island, and a newly built automated light rail line which connects JFK Airport and Jamaica. In 2002, it was announced that the North Shore Staten Island line may be rebuilt. It is not decided yet whether the line will use LRT technology or become an extension of the existing line.


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    From ExplorerPress, a few books for sales on the NYC Subway system.


    Think it's a Brooklyn townhome? Nope, it's a secret subway! Stop by at 58 Joralemon Street in Brooklyn Heights.


    Not to be outdone, Socratic Park featured a fake subway station.

    Sorry, subway's out of service folks by Luc Latulippe.

    Fake subway entranc for the Fantastic Four movie

    Fake NYC Subway entance in LA

    More NYC Subway Photos July 2003

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    Niagara Falls
    Seasonal rubber-tired people mover. It's just a bus folks!
    A site about upgrading the APM in Niagara Falls Rochester Subway
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  • The home page for the Rochester Rail Transit Committee is trying to bring back the Rochester subway. If successful, the LRT, and possibly subway, would be run by the existing bus authority.

  • Syracuse

    NOT a subway but info on the Syracuse commuter railway short line, OnTrack City Express

    Daniel Convissor's Home Page - 400 transit advocacy links and files, mostly covering the NY and NJ areas. Of particular interest was the essay about the mythical tunnel to Staten Island and other Staten Island transit issues.