A Trip On Metrolink 

  Metrolink under downtown St. Louis, December 1997
   Metrolink at Union Station, December 1997

Photos from Laclede's Landing, July 1999


These photos were taken on Monday, November 30, 1998. During this ride, I learned two things:

1) If you try to use a cheap camera with autofocus and auto exposure, you will get cheap pictures.
2) You can really piss off a motorman taking pictures from the front cab of a Metrolink car.

Lambert Airport

From the cab, enroute to Lambert

Approaching the hospital

View of St. Louis after leaving Union Station

Leaving the downtown tunnel approaching Union Station

Convention Center station, downtown St. Louis

Inside a Metrolink car

Metrolink's map is really cool. It's also very large and difficult to scan. So here it is in piecemeal:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

What's New?

From: "T.D.D." <td397@peoplepc.com> (5/21/2001)

METRO in St. Louis opens additional Metro East / St. Clair Line (May 7, 2001).
St. Louis' mass transit system now expands to 34 miles.

METRO will also break ground soon for the new West/Clayton subway line.

Final design on a 8.8 mile extension from Bellevue Area College to MidAmerica Airport (Illinois) has just been completed. Unofficial word is that the airport is just as big as Lambert but no one uses it. In addition, a 17.4 mile 8 station extension to BAC is now in progress and is expected to be finished in 2001.

Metrolink is also planning extensions into Clayton, St. Louis' county seat, and south to Interstate 44 and Shrewsbury. No one yet kjnows the final alignment of this Cross County Corridor. A decision on alignment and whether the line will be at-grade or in tunnel, is expected to be made in July, 1999.

Other Metro-Links

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