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Light Rail

Dallas' first light rail line opened in 1996. The system currently conists of four lines and covers 90 miles with 62 stations.  The light rail system has 90 miles and 62 stations. It is the largest light rail system in the United States.

DART features one subway station near downtown Dallas. Plans for a subway connecting the Forest Lane station and terminating in Addison, Texas were shoveled in 2006 due to the project's high cost. Other plans for a downtown Dallas subway, known as D2, were to relieve congestion since all four lines converge into a downtown transit mall. Due to costs and lower than expected ridership, plans for D2 have been put on hold.

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In 2012, DART scaled back it's 2035 transit plan due to low ridership and economic woes. Two planned subway lines were taken off the table along with several other ambitious schemes. The updated plan calls for just one new light rail line, three light rail extensions, and a diesel commuter line to be funded by private enterprise.

As of 2015, one 3 mile extension to the Blue Line is underway and scheduled to open in 2016.


The 1.6 km Oak Cliff streetcar opened in May 2015.  Several extensions are being discussed. A .7 mile extension to the Bishop Arts section of Oak Cliff has already been approved and funded and is scheduled to open in 2017. The streetcars use Liberty model rolling stock from Brookville Equipment Co

Commuter Rail

Dallas features a diesel commuter railway, the Trinity Express, which connects Dallas with it's neigboring city of Fort Worth. Also in the early planning stages is a Cotton Belt Rail Line which will connect Dallas-Fort Worth Airport with DART's Red Line in Richardson, Texas. This would be the first urban rail line in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area that would not run through the central business district. Financing no the project has yet to be arranged.

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