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Fort Worth
deceased subway, planned streetcar, commuter rail, diesel light rail in planning

While Fort Worth may not conjure up images of urban sprawl and big city metros, this city has a profound rail history. It is the site of Texas' first subway. A 37 mile diesel light rail commuter service, similar to Capital Metro's MetroRail in Austin, is expected to connect Fort Worth with DFW Airport by 2016.

Dead Subway

Adjacent to the Trinity River was the Tandy Subway, formerly known as the Leonard's subway because it was built by the Leonard Brothers to serve the patrons to their department store. The CTA car in the storage yard was used for parts. According to the motorman on this particular day's journey, the cars were transmogrified Washington DC PCCs.

On September 3, 2001, the Tandy subway ceased running on weekends as thecompany was "trying to save on electricity." On September 1, 2002, the Tandy subway was closed for good. The portal was sealed and the track removed, with only this and a few other web pages serving as the subway's head stone.

There is a small museum just off the ice skating rink which is open weekdays. Until, that is, the electricity becomes too expensive.

Fort Worth Subway Photo Essay
Fort Worth's The-Tofficial home page with information on trolleyrestoration

Planned Streetcar

A 2.5 mile Fort Worth streetcar - I mean urban circulator - is in the late planning stages. Construction on the first single track line is expected to begin in 2012.

Fortworthology.com - excellent Fort Worth pro-urban transit web site from Kevin Buchanan

A web site for the encouragement and discussion of traditional urbanism, smart growth, transit, bicycles, urban living,

Commuter Rail

A diesel commuter light rail line known as the Southwest to Northeast Rail is in the late planning stages. The line will link southwest Fort Worth with DFW Airport and ultimately connect to the Cotton Belt rail right of way that would continue through to northern Dallas. The line is expected to use DMU's like those offered by Stadler.

Fort Worth commuter rail project home page