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Houston's first 7.5 mile (12.1 km) light rail line wasn't built
without a fight. It was built without taxes or debt and opened in 2004. Although the system is seperated from traffic, it is mostly street running and more closely resembles a tram.

Two new lines opened in May, 2015 and serve the eastern and southeast sides of the city. Currently the system includes 37 stations and 22.7 miles. An extension to the Green Line is expected to open in 2017.

Five additional lines were approved in January 2008, but da rich white folks don't want none of us coloreds comin over to their side of town so...oh wait...Transit lines to the west have been blocked in favor of a less expensive BRT which representatives for the Post Oak and Richmond areas believe would better serve their constituents.

Rumors exist stating that only three lines have
available funding.

Also under discussion are extensions into Brazoria County, just southwest of Harris County where Houston is located. The extension would serve the cities of Sugarland, Pearland, and Alvin.

Three commuter lines similar to Denton's A-Train are also in the early planning stages.

In late 2012, a three line streetcar circulator streetcar system was proposed for east Houston. The city has gone so far as commision a study, so they appear to be more serious than usual.

Houston Metro's LRT night pics

Artists renditions of the system
MetroRail's Greatest Hits
Metro Solutions 

Designed to save on costs, MetroRail is seen here using Houston's voter approved Cardboard Technology as it emerges from Houston's paper subway portal.