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San Antonio

Streetcars once roamed the streets of San Antonio. A museum trolley, a remnant of San Antonio's once sprawling streetcar system, met it's Alamo in the late 1990s. Rumor has it that an active freight trolley line still plies the path on infrequent occassions. On warm summer nights, if one listens carefully over the crackling of the fire and the sounds of the beans and their inevitable results, some say they can still hear the streetcar plying it's way over the lines. Or it could just be the combination of beans and a lot of alcohol.

A trolleyproject was supposed to take place in San Antonio but like many similar proposals, it died a quick and quiet death at the end of the voters' ropes. On 2/1/2000, citizens voted against on a 55 mile light rail system which gained approval of the city padres and businesses. Read all about it here.

In 2009, San Antonio's mayor Castro said  there was no specific plan but the city was reviewing the possbility of a light rail system or possibly streetcars. Though plans abound, the city was still left with bumpkiss. Nada. Oh yeah, BRT.

Finally, in late 2011, a two line modern streetcar system was approved by the city.

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