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    Bus tunnel tour and monorail photos from Kavanagh Transit

    LRT planned

    As of mid 2002, the Spokane Transit Authority is discussing several types of LRT. Most prominent is a 16 mile starter line between downtown Spokane and Liberty Lake. Extensions are also being discussed for lines to the airport, North Spokane and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. More recent studies indicate that ridership would be low, and federal funds for the project are unlikely.

    LRT (opening 9/2003)

    A short central city loop is due to open in September, 2003. Track work was completed April, 2003, an rolling stock arrived September, 2002. The line will be run by Seattle's Sound Transit.

    Photos from Kavanaugh Transit


    Heritage Trolley

    Really a trolley museum, this small line is actually in revenue service at times. Built in 1907, the 5 mile line reached 44 miles at it's peak. It now connects Yakima with Selah, Washington.

  • Images of the old Yakima system from RailSpot
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