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Seattle Urban Transit - Light Rail

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Since the 1960s, Seattle talked about building a subway. even now the talk of a subway network continues. To paraphrase an old friend, Seattle will have subways when you can throw a fag across the street without hitting a coffee shop. If you do beileve Seattle should have a subway, you can join in with 1600 other fans on Facebook, or vote in the 2013 election.

Of course, Seattle does have the next best thing - an expanding "heavy" light rail system complete with subway stations. The 15.6 mile (25.1 km) line opened it's first 4.4 mile section in 2009. Included is a 2.5 mile, 4 station underground section, originally a bus tunnel which was originally supposed to be a light rail tunnel, complete with old tracks that had to be removed. A new 1 mile tunnel under Beacon Hill, complete with a fifth subway station, was added during construction, followed by a 5.1 km underground University extension which opened in March 2016.. The remainder of the 13 station line runs elevated and at grade, connecting downtown Seattle with SeaTac Airport. It is completely grade seperated.

Also under construction is a southern extension to the Central Link light rail line.

Two more extensions, and a second East Link line that will connect to Bellevue and Redmond, have been approved and are awating construction. Another southern extension, approved in 2015 , is scheduled to break ground in 2017 for a 2023 opening. The East Rail Link will be the only rail line in the world to cross a floating bridge. The bridge will not be without challenges.

"Link train at International District-Chinatown Station" by Fanboy - Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

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Originally built as part of the 1962 world's fair, Seattle's monorail is not just a tourist attraction but an urban transit solution. The monorail runs for just under one mile connecting two terminals.

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