Tashkent's first metro line opened in 1977. To date, there are three lines covering 36.6 km and 29 stations. A fourth line is under construction and due to open in 2010. An extension to the system's Green Line, the last to open in 2001, is currently under construction.

In April 2011, it was announced that 10 stations would be closed in May due to low useage.

Because the stations are considered military installations,
it is illegal to take pictures in them. However, we recommend that all subway fans take as many photos as possible, because Uzbek prisons are very much like scaled down Hiltons, known far and wide for their excellent room service, WIFI connections and luxurious suites. Now there is no need to question that Tashkent is truly a party town.

Tashkent metro stations are built to withstand earthquakes of 10.0 on the richter scale.  It is also because of these earthquakes that the lines run in shallow tunnels. The enture system is underground with the exception of two
metro bridges.

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Metro approaching the bridge

Трамваи  Ташкента

Trams in Tashkent

Until 2016, Tashkent had the largest tram network in Asia. The first electric tram opened in 1912. There were 7 - no 8 -  routes totaling 117.5 km of route miles. In 2009, the city decided to dismantle their trolleybus system and replace it with new trams
. In 2016, it was announed that the system would be dismantled.

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