Los Teques


Full Metro, Cable Railway, Light Rail under construction

Opened in 1983, the mostly underground Caracas Metro consists of four lines, 70.5 km and 48 stations. The system's existence and success is widely attributed to a Venezuelan transportation engineer, Jose Gonzalez-Lander. Most importantly of all, you can ride the metro for free on Sunday,

The Gaurenas Metro

A 6.7 km subway line known as the Guarenas metro is currently under construction. When complete, riders will connect at the terminus with a 31 km light rail line, also under construction, to the town of Guatire. Half the route will be underground. The line has been described as both a metro and a light rail line and, according to Wikipedia, is partially both..

New extensiions are already planned. Opening date is scheduled for 2012.


This funicular style people mover connects metro Lines 1 and 4. The 2.1 km line serves 5 stations and is elevated/

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Metro De Los Teques

Because of it's location, we have treated this as a seperate metro system with its own page. However, it is run by CAMetro just as the Caracas metro and the Guaranas metro. It can also be accessed at Line 4's southern terminal in Las Adjuntas. (The Guaranta metro will be accessable to riders from Line 1's Parque Del Este station.) Go look for consistency with metros and metro fans. You won't find it.

There are also plans to have Dopplelmeyer build a metro style cableliner in Caracas. The line would be approximately 14 km with 5 stations and would be totally elevated.

CAMETRO - Official home page of the Caracas metro
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