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Belgrade (Beograd)

Belgrade (Beograd)
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Belgrade's 35 km tramway system is still recovering from the war. Most of it's current rolling stock are either from Basel or old Tatras. The city is in the process of upgrading the trams to light rail standards.Thirty new trams from CAF are on order.

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Belgrade's commuter railway, the 5 line
Beovoz City Railway, includes three underground stations in the city center and 25 km of underground track. And, according to this site, Belgrade also has an opulent subway station for a line that was never built. The station was used as a shelter in the 1999 war. However, other sources say it's the Vukov Spomenik station on the BCR and that no such metro station was ever built. The confusion comes because, according to one Belgrade metrophile, the station has two levels, one of which was built for a metro and currently remains sealed. The the other level accomodates the Beovoz commuter trains.

subway station without a subway from

Plans for a 5 line metro in the 1980's never materialized. Most
discussion of a light rail system used the old metro plans to draw the approximate lines of service.

In April 2004, it was reported that a contract was signed between Spanish consulting firm INECO and the city of Belgrade to study a proposed underground-surface LRT. The first segment, known as the "Pink Line" (since it would in part serve the city's prostitutes), or Zemun - Ustanicka, would be 11.6 km long with 2 km underground. It would start at Ustanicka Ulica (Ustanicka street) and Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra (King Aleksandar`s Boulevard, where there is currently a tramway terminal for lines 5,6,7 and 14.

In 2008, another plan known as
BELAM was proposed and then reportedly passed away in a whisp. Not to worry, though! In April 2010, Skyscraper City reported that a 30 km, 3 line subway will be built using the infrastructure of the existing commuter rail network. Thirty km of tunnels are expected to be built in addition to the existing commuter subway stations. The first section of the substitute metro opened in September, 2010 and includes two subway stations.

In November 2011,
a memo of understanding was signed with the French government and Alstom. The plan is o build a 15 km 25 station metro. Mo one yet knows if this "undertsanding" will go the way of so many previous understandings.

The newest metro plans call for four lines, separate from the commuter metro. Two Beovoz stations, Prokop and Vukov Spomenik, already have areas prepared and rady for the new metro lines. A
"mega bridge" which will be used by Metro Line 3 is expected to open soon.

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There IS NO METRO in Beograd!


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